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Easy Entryway Makeover

Easy Entryway Makeover

A front door is (literally) a portal to the rest of the world. And right by its side is the entryway; a sub-room that's the buffer point between entering the outside world and returning to your abode once again. 


As an efficiency junky, I advocate for a fully functional entryway. It's the last opportunity I have to remind myself of the things I might need while I'm out in the world (like an umbrella or a scarf). It's where I keep my beloved shoes and jackets (according to the season). There is a lot of stuff that I need my entryway to house, so organization was key to making it work.



However, space isn't exactly plentiful. Living in a tiny apartment doesn't exactly allow for an HGTV inspired mud room. And as a renter, I can't pursue any structural changes. So I had to make the most of what I was given, and I encourage you to do the same. Your home should work however you need it to.

We all live busy lives, so why not make that last stop before leaving the house as functional as you possibly can?

This is how I turned the bare walls of my tiny, apartment-sized entryway into a functional space.


Shoe storage unit

This shoe cabinet from Ikea is one of the most functional pieces in my entire apartment. I've blown past the conventional use that Ikea proposes. And I've fit twice the amount of shoes they suggest. It is versatility at its peak. 

  • Summer: it holds my many pairs of flats, sneakers and sandals  

  • Winter: it holds my scarves, mittens and toques for convenience when flying out the door on cold days

Hats on hooks

Command hooks are so practical and inexpensive. I've used them in every room of my apartment and they come down with ease. When space is an issue (as it always is), I always go vertical with my storage. Baseball caps are everywhere in our house, so I throw them on a hook and call it a day. Plus they make for functional wall art. 


Clutter-free catchall

The top of the show cabinet is a handy surface. So handy, it's easy to clutter up with mail, keys and other miscellaneous items which then deems it obsolete. Surfaces are only as useful when they are free to use. Keep clutter at bay. Find mail a home. And hang keys on hooks. 

Every entryway is different. But I hope these quick tricks can help you transform yours.

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