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Cute Brunch Napkin Bunnies

Inspired by this Party City pin, this is the perfect napkin fold for any Easter brunch, lunch or dinner. They are adorable but still easy and quick to make before guests arrive. A little chocolate or candy egg in the centre makes for a special surprise for everyone around the table.

Easter brunch bunny napkins

Easy Easter Brunch Bunny Napkins

What a tongue twister! This Easter, my brunch took an unexpectedly tropical twist. With this very cute pineapple display and my tropical brunch mimosas, it was a warm reminder during the cold, Canadian "spring". But before my mimosas could entertain my guests, these cute bunnies played the part. 

Easter brunch tablescape bunny napkins

These are remarkably easy to make. For these bunnies I used white and pink napkins, but you could easily use colours that match your table and other Easter decor.

What you'll need

  • Napkins in varying colours (white and at least one other)

  • String or ribbon (cut into 6" sections)

  • Scissors (for cutting the string or ribbon)

  • Chocolate or candy egg (optional)

  • Glasses for presentation

Brunch napkin bunnies folding


1. First you'll need to layer the 2 napkins on top of each other. Then, the folding begins.

2. Fold the corner slightly to the inside, flip.

3. Accordion fold the napkins 3/4 of the way to the opposite corner.

4. Flip again.

5. Accordion fold the remainder of the way, so that the white is on one side and the pink (or other colour) is on the other. Tuck the end into the centre. You'll be left with a napkin strip.

6. Bend the napkin strip to create the ear shape.


7. Tie the bent napkin strip tightly to hold the ear shape. Knot on both sides to hold in place, leaving a small hole large enough for the egg. Trim ends of string if necessary.

8. Place the egg in the bunny ears. 

9. "Fluff" the ears by pulling each one a bit more open. This will help keep the ears at the top of the champagne flute, otherwise they will sink to the bottom.

Bunny egg brunch napkin

If you aren't serving champagne or mimosas, and thus won't have flutes on the table, these are also very cute placed on plates. Once our mimosas were flowing before brunch was served, thats where these bunnies ended up anyway. 

I hope these bunnies find their way to your table this Easter. If they do, hopefully they'll be as well loved by your guests as they were mine. 

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Napkin bunnies on plates

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