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Love Potion Mimosa

This recipe can be enjoyed as a cocktail or mixed as a mimosa. It's sweet, tropical but retains it's uniqueness without typical ingredients like pineapple or coconut. 

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The Perfect Brunch Cocktail

When planning (or attending) a brunch, mimosas are on everyone's mind. Of course, you can't go wrong with some freshly squeezed juice (orange, grapefruit, or pineapple), but if you're looking to kick your brunch bevies up just a bit, look no further. This recipe is exactly what you need.


I've made this "sangria-style" and added fruits into the pitcher. But this can be easily omitted if they aren't on hand. I added grapefruit, blood oranges, lemons and a few lime slices. They also make excellent garnish on the glass rim. And if you're loving these modern, iridescent champagne flutes as much as I am, they were recently purchased from CB2

Brunch cocktail sangria fruit lime lemon grapefruit blood orange


Serving Tip: I like to use a 1/2 and 1/2 ratio of this for each glass (1/2 glass of mixin and other 1/2 sparkling wine). Have ice on hand if your ingredients aren't chilled, as it's best served cold.

  • 1 cup Disaronno

  • 1/2 cup Sour Puss Raspberry Liquer

  • 1.75 litre bottle Orangina or freshly squeezed orange juice

  • Sparkling wine, champagne or sprite (for mocktail-style), chilled

In a glass pitcher, pour the Disaronno, raspberry Sour Puss and Orangina and mix with a wooden or silicon spoon. Add fresh fruit if desired. Serve* and top with sparkling wine. 

*Can be made a few hours early. Store in fridge until ready to serve.


brunch cocktail mimosa with blood orange garnish

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