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Bridal Shower Bingo (Free Printable)

Games have always been a big part of parties. I remember as a child, the games were just as important as the gift opening or cake. I think my favourite game was pass the package, which later evolved to pass the pickle. But here we are 20 years down the road. 


Bridal shower games however, expect a certain element of class. And although my recommendation of prosseco pong for my dear friendโ€™s shower wasn't thought to fly with the more mature crowd, bingo definitely would. So I took to Pinterest for inspiration to create some bingo cards. 

Bridal shower bingo is played by guests while the bride-to-be opens her gifts. It keeps people busy while all the attention is on the pretty gifts and the even prettier bride. Plus, most people have a slightly competitive side to them, which keeps things fun.


While searching, I noticed blank cards were a popular choice. But they lacked a finished quality in my eyes, so I created an entire set of 20 different layouts. Instead of duplicating the same cards for multiple people, it would be more competitive to ensure everyone has a unique shot at winning the very themey "shower" inspired prize.


I'm a huge fan of watercolour foliage and florals to add a handmade touch on designed pieces, so huge thank you goes out to the illustrators and artists that offer up their talents to the internet!

Pinterest brought me to Inkstruck Studio's beautiful watercolour floral accents that I used on the games, and below I've made all the printout available for your home use. If you're sharing these designs, please be sure to credit and link back to Inkstruck Studio and Lily Muffins.


- cardstock, to print out cards
- bingo dabbers or stickers
- a room full of people ready to play
- X-acto knife
- cutting mat
- straight edge or ruler
- my bingo card printable file

Download the file at the bottom of this page 


  1. Load the cardstock into your printer. If you're using an office Xerox, load the "bypass" usually located on the side of the machine. 
  2. Open the printable file in Acrobat Reader (either in your browser or in the application). Print the desired amount of cards onto the cardstock taking into account that there are 2 per page. If you have double-sided printing available, ensure it's turned OFF. 
  3. One you have your printouts, you'll need to cut them into their individual selves. One sheet at a time, place the double bingo cards on your cutting mat. Line the straight edge in the middle of your sheet and slice with the X-acto knife.
ALTERNATIVELY:  if crafting isn't your thing and these items aren't handy, draw a feint line using pencil and cut using sharp scissors. 

Now you're ready for the game!

bridal-shower-games-and-guests-lily muffins.jpg


  1. Before the gift opening begins, and everyone is in their seats, pass out pens and bingo cards. One per person.
  2. Set the rules. Are "creative" answers acceptable? Does the rationale have to be serious? Can stemless wine glasses count as stemware? Have the moderator make these decisions as the game goes on. It'll need to be fair for every player. NOTE: Double answers shouldn't be allowed (a gift that works double duty for two spots on the bingo card). Otherwise the game won't last long enough.
  3. Once someone gets 5 answers in a line (either T, X, or | ), that person yells BINGO and has to rationalize their answer. If they pass, they win a prize.
  4. Repeat for more prize rounds if desired. 
This game can be played with basically any amount of guests from 1 and beyond.


Includes 20 different cards. No repeats!


Have you used these cards? Let me know how they work for you! And be sure to tag me in your Instagram pictures of them in action using @lilymuffinsblog. 


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