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Canada Day BBQ Napkin Wrap

It's almost Canada Day, so I'm seeing in red and white! Last year, our country celebrated it's 150th birthday. The whole country had a year long party, but that doesn't mean every other Canada Day we celebrate can't be as much of a shindig. 

Canada _day_napkin_wrap_printable_Rice_Crispies_lilymuffins_blog.jpg

Since this holiday falls in the summer, it's common to have a barbecue/picnic/outdoor event to take advantage of our limited-time-only warm weather in Canada. Burgers and hotdogs don't get very patriotic, however. So, I rolled up some red and white utensils and wrapped them in a Canadian flag for the occasion using a template I created. Download it at the bottom of this page!

What you'll need:

- Utensils (plastic or metal, depending on your event)
- Large napkins
- Printable flag wraps (download below)
- Scissors
- Glue stick


  1. Prep the printable by downloading the file below and printing on regular printer paper. Cut into strips along the dotted line then cut each strip into two. You'll end up with 12 flag wraps per page.  
  2. Swaddle the utensils in the napkin: Place them 2/3 way down on a napkin with the point at the top. Fold the bottom point up and over the utensils. Fold the bottom side points in along and up the length of the utensils. Fold side point in over the utensils. Repeat on the other side. (I've illustrated below through the power of pictures)
  3. Wrap the napkin swaddle in a flag and secure with a liberal dab of glue. Press to secure flag and let rest a few minutes to dry.

This is easily a last minute DIY to add to your Canada Day family picnic, neighbourhood bbq or indoor dinner. Even if you don't have any decorations, you can throw on some red and white, and add these napkin rolls to your Canada Day.


Download the napkin flag wraps


How do you celebrate Canada Day? Let me know on Instagram, or in the comments below!



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