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How Many Kisses Bridal Shower Game

A bridal shower is a lot like a mini-wedding. You have to think about venue, guest list, food, drinks, logistics, parking and decor, but this post will cut down on the time you need to dedicate to planning entertainment!  


In addition to my previous post on Bridal Shower Bingo, I've created another game (floral accents courtesy of Inkstruck Studio) to provide you with a whole party's worth of fun. 

How Many Kisses?

This is a great passive activity to have near a food or drink station. While people mingle and sample at their own pace, they can play. And the best part is, the prize is the game itself! It's a spin on the "how many jelly beans are in the jar" game that everyone knows, but with a bridal twist. From the shot in the dark guesses at random to the more calculative thinkers, everyone loves to win, 

Especially if the prize is chocolate. 


What you need:

- paper or cardstock
- printer
- pens (for guests)
- scissors or a ruler, cutting mat and blade
- jar/bowl (that you're willing to part with!)
- Hershey's Kisses (enough to fill the bowl)
- 8x10 frame (optional)
- small gift bag or envelope
- free printable templates

How to play:

  1. Download and print my "Guessing Card" template (each sheet makes 4 guessing cards). Cut in a "+" to make separate the cards using scissors or cutting mat.

  2. Download and print the "Activity Sign". If you have an 8x10 frame handy, use it. Otherwise, this would look great posted on a wall using tape loops.

  3. Fill jar with kisses, keeping count of each one. This jar used about 115 kisses (for reference). To keep the number handy, I wrote it on the back of the "How Many Kisses" sign, because my memory isn't so reliable when I'm running around managing events!

  4. Set the kisses, sign, pens, guessing cards and the small gift bag out on a table. The gift bag will be used for guests to submit their guess.

  5. Near the end of the event (or whenever!), ask the guests if they have submitted a guess. Last minute guessers can add their number into the bag. Announce each of the answers out loud, narrowing it down to the closest guess.

  6. Gift the prize to the winner. Hopefully she'll be willing to share her prize!

I had a bit of fun with the bridal decor for this shower. Using an existing dog statue (a favourite of the bride), I incorporated her into the bridal theme. Special touches always add a flare of individuality on events. The day is all about the bride, so why not show a bit of her personality, too!

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