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Margarita Recipe for a Crowd

Margaritas are easily my favorite cocktail. My go to order almost anywhere. And if the margarita isn't good, there's a solid chance I'll never ever be back. Luckily, I've mastered the art of perfect at home Margaritas and today I'm sharing my tested recipe with you.


Recently I hosted the boyfriend's bucks, bears and beers birthday party (post to come), I served these Corona-margarita marvels and even with a beer only crowd, they were a hit. In fact, I had to make an extra pitcher because the first one disappeared before all the guests arrived.


To play on the theme, I picked up these honey bear containers from Bulk Barn to serve them in. Bears and beer both in one party element, was it meant to be for this event?

This was a frugal clever way to add some character to the party while also getting your nice glassware out of the hands of less-than-careful guests.


Now this recipe isn't like a classic Mexican bulldog/beergarita, where the Coronita is plopped into the giant glass (see below). Instead I've mixed the beer directly into the pitcher before serving.


The beer taste is extremely low key, in fact you could add an extra bottle of beer if you prefer a more pronounced beer taste for your crowd, but since I wasn't sure how these would play with this group of guys, I veered on the safe side. You know, in case no one else wanted any margarita and I'd have to step in and drink up.


Admittedly, I'm pretty stoked about this recipe. If you know beer-only drinkers, you'll know how unlikely it is to get them to put down a bottle for something with citrus and hard liquor. But it's not a party without tequila!


  • 4 cups of margarita mix (I love the one from Costco)

  • 1 cup of tequila (reposado preferred)

  • 1/4 cup of Grand Marnier

  • 1/4 cup of Limoncello

  • 1 tsp of salt

  • 1 bottle of Corona Extra (or Corona Light)

  • 2-3 lemons and limes cut into wedges (for serving)

  • 1 cup ice (for serving)


  1. In a pitcher, combine margarita mix, tequila, Grand Marnier, limoncello and salt, stirring until salt has dissolved.

  2. Add entire bottle of Corona to pitcher. Stir. (may be prepared and refrigerated ahead of time)

  3. Add citrus wedges and ice before serving. Let stand about 5 minutes for ice to cool mix before serving in glasses of choice.

  4. Enjoy these with your crowd and repeat if necessary.


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