About Me

For all my life, I've had a deep passion for baking (and organizing). So, when I was a teen I began to bake for family and friends. Back then, my friends called me Ms. Muffins, a fun switch up of F's for the L's in my last name. So naturally, it stuck.

Lily Muffins was born as a catering company. And after a successful run of being an 18 year-old entrepreneur who knew nothing about anything (proof via Twitter), Lily Muffins has returned as a blog.

My passion for baking, easy organization and living a Pinterest worthy life is the subject matter of this blog. Here's hoping it inspires you, too.



Email me for press/media inquiries and other collaborations lilymuffins@gmail.com.



This is a personal blog. All opinions are my own. All information is accurate and true to my knowledge, but there may be errors or mistakes. All blog content is for entertainment purposes only. Comments that are spammy in nature or include offensive language or context may be edited or deleted without notice, at my discretion.